Long ago when the sky was blue but the Earth was gray, there was a land of
puritanical people.  Everyones' lives ran according to the rules and everything
ran on schedule.  No one questioned the laws because the laws protected them
from each other and wars protected them from their neighbors.  The wars
were frequent.

In one generation there was a lovely young woman named Lantana.  She was
very popular with all of the youth, boys and girls alike.  The adults were
drawn to the young girl, but considered her actions quizzical.   Lantana smiled
a lot and seemed happy all of the time for no apparent reason. When the girl
grew to become a young woman she had many suitors. When she had chosen
her favorite beau, she asked all of the girls in the village to make beautiful full
gowns in their favorite bright colors.  The  girls  had  to  hide  their gowns
because  such  frivolity was  frowned upon by the  elders of the village.  
When the gowns were made, the young women met on a mid-summers night
to dance in the woods.  They looked like large clusters of blue, yellow and
pink.  They danced and swayed in the breeze while they rehearsed for, their,
own wedding day because, indeed, they felt like beautiful brides.

It was about this time when another war was announced, and all of the young
men marched off in a blaze of glory to protect the village. This war did not
end as quickly as most wars. It dragged on and on and involved more and
more villages. This war did not stop until every young man from every village
had perished. Not one young man returned to claim a bride.

The young women were devastated. They would never have wedding days or
wear their gowns to wed.  They were told that they would never become
brides, wives or mothers.  The elders of the village, the ones that had declared
the war, demanded that the young women resign themselves to caring for
other peoples' children and doing the work of the young men, who had died in
the war.

Lantana, the beautiful, smiling leader of the young women, told them to bring
their gowns and meet her in the meadow under the bright blue sky.  At noon
on the appointed day each young woman from the village put on her colorful
gown and hurried to the meadow where the young men had perished. The
girls gathered in bright clusters and became Butterfly Brides.  To this day the
Lantana remains a bright bush with many flowers that attract butterflies.
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